Hey there.
This is Shivam Dewan

Hey there!  I’m a self taught UX designer.
My contribution to a team project is mostly focussed in the domains of User Experience Research, Design Strategy, and Product Design.
I'm interested in the relationship between mindfulness and creativity: how mindfulness can empower you to be a stronger designer and more engaged team member.
I try to approach projects with a balance of zen mind and beginner's mind—using my experience and expertise to guide the process, but remaining curious when approaching new challenges.
My weekends are mostly spent working on my side projects or helping some NGO in some tech work, fundraising or may be simply volunteering.

Want to talk about potential collaboration,new projects or just casual chat. Amazing! I will be happy to get to know about it over coffee. Looking forward to hear from you




"My workplace at home. The place where great ideas brew"

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